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Alice Zaslavsky

Signed In Praise of Veg

Signed In Praise of Veg

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"Alice Zaslavsky is a force of nature!" — NIGELLA LAWSON

The only book you’ll ever need on vegetables, with a kaleidoscope of 150+ colourful, innovative recipes for meals of all kinds.

Food writer Alice Zaslavsky has written the definitive guide for everyone—from vegan to carnivore—who is ready to open their kitchen to a world of vegetable possibilities. More than 450 pages detail how to handle any vegetable you might pick up at the farmers' market or store—including a rainbow of more than 150 recipes that put vegetables at the centre of the plate.

Uniquely organised by colour, this book is filled with countless flavour combinations, rule-of-thumb methods to buy, store, and cook vegetables, recipe shortcuts and tips, and wisdom from more than 50 of the world’s top chefs. In Praise of Veg will help beginners and avid cooks alike turn daily vegetables into easy and delicious meals. This is veg, but not as you know it . . . yet!

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